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Voiceter Pro, Inc. is the conversational search company that brings businesses and consumers together through voice-driven interactions with Amazon's Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Voiceter Pro's real world, voice-powered skills are revolutionizing artificial intelligence-assisted searches in real estate and other markets.

With more than 118 million American adults owning Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, we know consumers want smarter homes and smarter ways to find the products and services they need. They simply want to ask for them!

Our sales, marketing and lead generation tool has applicability in any business model that requires consumers to filter through product choices to arrive at the product or service that meets their needs. Our content delivery tools help you capitalize on voice devices to provide podcasts and more to drive additional engagement with your target audience. Voice skills create a great opportunity for businesses and associations to educate and inform potential customers through their favorite home assistant. 

Contact us to learn  how Voiceter Pro can power your business success by meeting consumers where they live – at home!

Voiceter Pro is proud to be an Amazon Alexa preferred developer.

Voiceter Pro is proud to be an Amazon Alexa preferred developer.


Why Voice?

Alexa is available on 100 million devices. Google Assistant is available on 1 billion devices. Amazon pre-sold 1 million Alexa car devices. Personal digital assistants are here to stay.

Alexa is available on 100 million devices. Google Assistant is available on 1 billion devices. Amazon pre-sold 1 million Alexa car devices. Personal digital assistants are here to stay.


Why voice? NPR reported that 118 million adults in the US own a smart speaker/digital assistant device. Increasingly, consumers are learning that these devices can do much more than turn on the lights, play music and tell you the weather.

Amazon has reported that Alexa is available on 100 million devices and Google claims its Assistant is available on 1 billion devices. Amazon pre-sold 1 million Alexa car devices. Personal digital assistants are here to stay.

Why voice in real estate? Our NAR IDX-compliant search allows consumers to ask their favorite assistant to help them find homes that meet their needs. They can do this while accomplishing other tasks in their busy day, such as doing a voice search while preparing dinner. The search also becomes more social. Couples, for example, can conduct a voice search together as they are discussing their next home. Current homeowners can get an automated valuation of their home as they consider their future plans.

In short, our voice solution gives consumers the two key pieces of information they want - homes that meet their needs and what’s the value of their home - all by talking to Alexa or Google.

Why voice for associations? Members are focused on money-making activities and don't always have time to read. Our content delivery and member engagement skills place your key information on a new channel to extend your reach. They can hear your latest podcast, register for a class and connect with you on demand. Your association branded skill offers many advantages over a simple flash briefing including the ability to send members follow-up information to enhance their connection to their professional organization.




White label real estate listings search with AVM delivery and more

Voiceter Pro’s white label solution for brokers and multiple listing services allows you to have your own branded real estate search skill available to consumers via their favorite Alexa or Google Assistant device.

Your skill answers the top consumer questions: Can you help me find is my next home and What is my current home worth? Plus, you can deliver market information that showcases your expertise. Consumers will receive a branded email from you with all the listings that match their search. Our system is fully IDX compliant.

Everything the consumer hears and sees carries your brand and marketing message. Alexa/Google will tell them you made their search possible, showcasing you as your market's tech leader. 

You receive actionable leads with every consumer interaction via a copy of their search. You know the full parameters of their search and are positioned to help them buy their next home.

Your brokerage-branded skill will reach consumers with all voice powered devices including those with screens and in their cars.

Voiceter Pro makes it easy for Multiple Listing Services to have their subscribers' listings available to millions of Alexa and Google Assistant users. Consumers can ask their favorite assistant to help them find homes that meet their needs, and then be prompted to continue the conversation with a real estate professional.

Skills for associations and non-profits

Voicter Pro offers consulting and skill creation services for trade associations and non-profit organizations to help them enhance their engagement with members, supporters and potential donors.

The Capital Realtors skill helps Realtors respond to important legislative Calls for Action. Voice can help associations reach there goal of increasing member response.

The Greater Capital Association of Realtors wanted to use voice assistants to deliver content and increase engagement with its members. Voiceter Pro created Capital REALTORS to provide news, education schedules, market statistics and other key association information via Alexa and Google Assistant.

When the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society wanted to use voice to connect with its supporters and potential pet adopters, it turned to Voiceter Pro. The Capital Pet skill (Amazon and Google Home) lets users learn about available pets, volunteering opportunities and more.



Have a Great Idea? We Can Help!

If you have a great idea for a voice-powered skill for your business, Voiceter Pro’s custom design shop can help. Our engineers can help make your vision a reality. We love to consult with our clients to help them find their voice on Alexa and Google Home. We are proud to be recognized by Amazon as an Alexa skill preferred developer. Contact us today to learn we can work together to get your clients talking about your brand.




Introducing Voiceter Pro University


Promote your brokerage’s skill and capture more leads

Voiceter Pro provides its clients with tips and tools for their agents to use to promote themselves and the brokerage’s branded voice applications available on the Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. We have created a series of videos that will show you how to promote your voice application and your business inexpensively on Facebook. We will teach you how to target your advertising for maximum effectiveness. And, we even provide photos and text for the ads. Want to know more? Visit or  email us.


A Father's Gift and a Son's Promise


When software developer Ami Berger asked his father, Miguel, to buy him an Amazon Alexa he promised to develop an app in exchange. Naturally, with Miguel’s more than 30 years in the real estate business, the focus would be on an app that would give his Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley company a market edge.

Miguel, always a forward thinking businessman with a love of technology, and Ami, who grew up around the real estate industry and is a gifted software engineer, shared a vision of an app that would allow consumers to ask Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to find them the home of their dreams.

This vision became the Real Estate skill on Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices, which was launched in early December 2016. Real Estate Search launched on Google Home in April 2017.

Realizing the conversational search algorithm they created would have many applications beyond real estate, Voiceter Pro was born. Voiceter Pro allows consumers to speak to Alexa or Google Home and be guided through a series of questions to find the product or service that most closely meets their needs. The top results are read back to the users, while all results are provided in a branded email sent to the user and the Voiceter Pro client, who now has an actionable lead.

Since the creation of real estate search, the pair have developed several other skills for the real estate and association industries. They have even created a skill for a local humane society to help connect the group and the animals they care for with potential pet adopters.  

They have become sought-after speakers at real estate events and have developed a knack for helping business professionals understand what is possible with today's voice-driven, artificial intelligence assistances.


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