A Father's Gift and a Son's Promise


When software developer Ami Berger asked his father, Miguel, to buy him an Amazon Alexa he promised to develop an app in exchange. Naturally, with Miguel’s more than 30 years in the real estate business, the focus would be on an app that would give his Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley company a market edge.

Miguel, always a forward thinking businessman with a love of technology, and Ami, who grew up around the real estate industry and is a gifted software engineer, shared a vision of an app that would allow consumers to ask Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to find them the home of their dreams.

This vision became the Real Estate skill on Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices, which was launched in early December 2016. Real Estate Search launched on Google Home in April 2017.

Realizing the conversational search algorithm they created would have many applications beyond real estate, Voiceter Pro was born. Voiceter Pro allows consumers to speak to Alexa or Google Home and be guided through a series of questions to find the product or service that most closely meets their needs. The top results are read back to the users, while all results are provided in a branded email sent to the user and the Voiceter Pro client, who now has an actionable lead.

Since the creation of real estate search, the pair have developed several other skills for the real estate and association industries. They have even created a skill for a local humane society to help connect the group and the animals they care for with potential pet adopters.  

They have become sought-after speakers at real estate events and have developed a knack for helping business professionals understand what is possible with today's voice-driven, artificial intelligence assistances.