Cangiano Estates, LTD. partners with Voiceter Pro to bring voice-powered real estate search to Staten Island, NY

Albany, NY – Feb. 13, 2017 – Consumers in Staten Island, NY who want to buy, sell or rent a home can now start the process by simply asking the Voiceter Pro Real Estate Skill for Amazon Alexa-powered devices for help.

Cangiano Estates, Ltd. is now the exclusive provider of the Real Estate skill in Staten Island.

“We are pleased to announce the Cangiano Estates will be joining the family of forward-thinking real estate professionals powered by Voiceter Pro,” said Miguel Berger, CEO of Voiceter Pro. “ With millions of artificial intelligence devices in smart homes across the country, the future of real estate property search will be voice driven and Traci Cangiano is bringing that future to consumers today.”

“With the Real Estate Skill, we will be able to meet our clients where they live and provide a higher level of customer service as we help them with their housing needs,” said Cangiano, broker/owner of Cangiano Estates.

Voiceter Pro’s Real Estate Skill is free for consumers and easy to use on their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap. Home buyers simply ask Alexa to open Real Estate and Voiceter Pro’s conversational search will guide them through a search for their desired home. The search process includes questions about the desired location, number of bedrooms and more. Users can make a cursory search based on a just a few parameters or search based several detailed home features.

Real Estate will verbally report the top three matches and then send an email with complete listing details for all results. Home sellers and renters can also utilize Real Estate to help them with their housing needs.

Voiceter Pro, LLC., based on Albany, NY and Oakland, CA, is the conversational search company that will bring companies and consumers together through meaningful conversations with Amazon’s Alexa. Starting with its flagship product, the Real Estate Skill for Amazon Alexa-powered devices, Voiceter Pro will revolutionize AI-assisted searches in all markets. This search tool has applicability in any business model that requires consumers to filter through product choices to arrive at the product or service that meets their needs. View the demo at

For more information, contact:

Miguel Berger, CEO
Voiceter Pro

Traci Cangiano
Cangiano Estates, LTD