Voiceter Pro Applauds National Association of Realtors® 
for Adopting New Rules to Allow Audio Delivery of Listing Information 
 - May 22, 2017

Voiceter Pro applauds National Association of REALTORS®
for adopting new rules to allow audio delivery of listing information

Albany, NY -May 22, 2017 – When Voiceter Pro brought its Real Estate Skill for Amazon Alexa-powered devices to the attention of the National Association of REALTORS®’ MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board, it prompted the committee to change its rules to embrace one of today’s most rapidly adopted technologies.

“As long-time REALTOR®, I felt it was imperative to focus NAR’s attention on the benefits of voice search on devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home,” said Miguel Berger, CEO of Voiceter Pro. “With consumers placing millions of these devices in their homes, my goal was to help ensure REALTORS® would be at the forefront of providing real estate information via voice.”

“The adoption of new rules to allow for voice search is a win for both consumers and REALTORS®,” said Berger. Voice search of MLS listings will also help serve visually impaired individuals, he added. For example, Voiceter Pro’s Real Estate (Alexa) and Real Estate Search (Google Home) will tell users the information about the homes that meet their search criteria.

Real Estate and Real Estate Search are free for consumers and easy to use. Homebuyers simply ask their Alexa-powered device or Google home to open the app. Then, Voiceter Pro’s conversational search will guide them through a search for their desired home. Real Estate/Real Estate Search will ask the user a series of questions about their desired location, number of bedrooms and other key home features to help guide them through the search.

Real Estate/Real Estate Search will verbally report the top three matches, and then send an email to the user with complete listing details for all results. Home sellers can also utilize Real Estate/Real Estate Search to help them with their housing needs.

“These artificial intelligence devices can do so much more than turn off the lights, and our conversational search approach allows consumers to have a natural conversation to guide them to the product, in this case a home, that meets their needs,” said Berger.

Currently available in select markets across the United States, Voiceter Pro continues to work with innovative real estate professionals to add coverage across the country.

Voiceter Pro, LLC., based in Albany, NY and Oakland, CA, is the conversational search company that will bring companies and consumers together through meaningful conversations with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and coming soon, Cortana. Voiceter Pro is revolutionizing AI-assisted searches in all markets. This search tool has applicability in any business model that requires consumers to filter through product choices to arrive at the product or service that meets their needs. View the demo at www.voiceterpro.com.

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